Topics Included in The Your Birth Experience Prenatal Workshop:

  • Nutrition & Exercise: Review optimal prenatal nutrition and exercises to prepare for childbirth  and encourage optimal fetal positioning.
  • Physiology & Anatomy: Learn about the anatomy and hormones of the birthing body; discuss common pregnancy discomforts and natural remedies
  • Overcoming Fears: Discover your beliefs about birth; explore your own innate wisdom and intuition; discuss your expectations and fears in a safe and compassionate environment
  • Stages of Labor: Understand your estimated due date, the stages of labor and signs of progression; learn possible variations in labor and birth and discuss tools to work with them
  • Comfort Measures: Learn and practice a variety of comfort measures, movement and positions for birth 
  • Preparation: Learn how to nutritionally, emotionally and physically prepare for a healthy hospital or home birth; preparing confident partners for a well supported birth experience
  • Relaxation: Practice breath awareness and guided relaxation for labor; discover pain coping strategies that draw on body awareness, trust and intuition
  • Informed Consent: Explore how to make informed decisions during your birth experience
  • Interventions: Review possible interventions and ways to minimize them; discuss pain medication options
  • Birth Options: Learn about your birthing options, how to create a birth plan and how to develop positive communication with your birth team
  • Breastfeeding: Learn how milk production is established and how to know that baby is drinking enough; learn how to recognize hunger cues and about comfortable and effective baby-led, mother assisted latch
  • Postpartum Recovery: Explore what to expect in the immediate Postpartum period; discuss support systems and come up with creative solutions to facilitate a peaceful and smooth postpartum

Schedule: The Your Birth Experience Workshop is offered in the comfort of your own home in two  4  hour  weekday/weekend sessions. I recommend that you take this workshop in your third trimester between 32-38 weeks (though you are welcome to take it at any time you wish).

Investment for Your Birth Experience Prenatal Workshop: $295 and includes all of your materials (handouts and a Guide Book). Birth Doula clients receive $45 off the cost of the workshop.

​Due to the nature of my on call work as a Doula and Birth Photographer, I only offer a limited number of Prenatal Workshops per month! Booking early is key to guaranteeing you a spot.

For many parents, the second and subsequent pregnancies and labours are very different from their first experience. The Birthing Again Mini Workshop offers you a unique way to connect with each other and this new pregnancy while comprehensively preparing you for the fresh new experience that awaits you.

Topics included:

  • Reflect on your first birth
  • Refresh your memory of the signs and stages of labor
  • Dust off old pain coping practices while learning new ones including comfort measures, positions, vocalization, breath awareness and visualization
  • ​Enhance the labor support skills of your partner
  • ​Develop excellent communication skills with your birth team
  • Build birthing confidence and relieve fear 
  • Design a supportive birth environment
  • ​Discuss birth options and learn how to create a birth plan
  • Explore creative ways to prepare siblings for the birth and arrival of the new baby in a loving and gentle way that includes them in your new and changing family

Schedule: This 4 hour workshop takes place in the comfort in your own home and can be customized to your own individual needs.  I recommend that you take this workshop in your third trimester between 32--38 weeks (though you are welcome to take it at any time you wish).

​Birthing Again Workshop investment:   $150.00  which includes all of your material.  Birth Doula Clients receive $25 off the cost of The Toolkit For Labour Workshop​.

​Due to the nature of my on call work as a Doula and Birth Photographer, I only offer a limited number of Prenatal Workshops per month! Booking early is key to guaranteeing you a spot.

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Words of Love From Clients

"Jen exceeded all my expectations.  The knowledge she shared with us is more than I could have imagined.  She gave me the tools and confidence I need to go through with the natural birth I want.  Knowledge is power!" ~ Lisa

"The prenatal workshop was very helpful, Jen taught us that the process of birth could (and should!) be, something to look forward to, embrace, and even enjoy! We wanted as natural a birth as possible, and by teaching me coping techniques and informing us of the many different choices & alternatives that would allow this to happen safely, Jen made me feel empowered by what my body could do, and therefore feel confident in taking control of the birth of our child." ~ Zoe 

​"​I recommended to my doctor that he starts telling his patients about Jen at Blossoming Birth Services. I felt and still feel so comfortable with the idea of birth that I can't wait to do it again and complete my family." ~ Samantha 

"I'm so thankful we found Jen!! She's very personable and so full of knowledge! She has great learning techniques whether it be visual demonstrations, partner building, or flash cards. There was always a fun way of teaching us something new.  I really loved how Jen included my husband as much as she did. She took the time to explain his important role in the birthing process and educate him on how he can help me in all stages of labour. Doing this course with Jen has prepared me so much for labour, I feel confident on what I learned and am looking forward to taking all this knowledge to the labour room!  I highly recommend this prenatal workshop!!"  ~Stephanie 

​​​"During our Prenatal Workshop, Jen taught me  how to prepare for birth (both physically and emotionally) and she helped us reason with our fears and concerns about labor and about becoming parents. Jen also taught my husband techniques to help support me during labor – which is what we were looking for as first time parents. We learned so much and Jen provided us with the right tips, tricks and tools to have a smooth, natural labor and delivery."  ~ Rosie ​

Prenatal classes, childbirth education in Abbotsford, Mission, Langley, Chilliwack BC

Toolkit For Labour Support Workshop

This private, in home prenatal workshop is perfect for couples planning either a Hospital or Home Birth who are interested in achieving a positive and empowering experience. Learn the essential components of the birth process and equip yourself with tools to approach the expected and unexpected with confidence. 

Birthing Again Prenatal Refresher Workshop


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Prenatal Education

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If you're interested in booking a Prenatal Workshop, fill out the contact form below and we'll schedule a time to connect for a quick phone consultation to discuss any questions you have and available dates/times for the workshop.

Your Birth Experience Prenatal Workshop

Giving birth is a powerful, transformative event for parents. ​Even though your baby's birth day is just one moment in your life, your experience creates a powerful memory that will impact your mind, body and emotions for a lifetime.​

​By choosing to take an active role in your care and empower yourself with information and knowledge, you build the ideal foundation required to create the positive experience you and your baby deserve.​

​Blossoming Birth Services believes in educated families and offers a variety of customizable, private, in-home Prenatal Education Workshops to comprehensively prepare you and your partner for the positive and empowering birth experience that awaits you. They are offered in the comfort of your own home and taught by a Doula and Prenatal Educator with over 20 years experience. These workshops are perfect for those wanting to obtain one on one information in a safe environment with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Information is presented in a calm, fun way using videos, creative hands on activities, practical, evidence based information, an exploration of your own innate wisdom and intuition, and thoughtful discussion. 

"We cannot know the day or week labor will begin, how long it will last, exactly how it will feel, how we will react, or the health and sizes of our babies. What we can do, however, is educate ourselves about the vast array of possibilities and learn which are more likely to occur. We can decide what is ideal and what we will strive for, what are the means to creating the most conducive environment for such a birth and which people can best help us to attain those birth arrangements. Finally, we can prepare our own bodies and hearts for the process."  ~ Amy Scott ~

Birth can be an amazing experience and one to not just make it through. The Toolkit For Labour Support  Workshop equips you with information on tools and comfort measures so that you can enter the unknown of your unique birth experience with a sense of confidence and positive anticipation. 

Topics Included:

  • Understanding the normal process of birth; finding your way through the unknown
  • Preparing calm, confident partners for a well supported birth experience
  • How to create an environment that is optimal for labour's hormones and the flow of birth
  • Discover comfort measures and pain management options
  • What are the most useful relaxation and comfort support items to pack in your birth bag 
  • Essential items to get from your nurse, in anticipation of the different stages of labour
  • Practice hands on comfort measures that use all your senses to support comfort during labor
  • How to identify tension hot spots and use relaxation techniques to help release tension and lessen pain
  • Learn positions that help promote comfort and facilitate progress of labour

​Schedule: ​The Toolkit For Labour Prenatal Mini Workshop is offered in the comfort of your own home as a 4 hour  weekday/weekend session. I recommend that you take this workshop in your third trimester between 32-38 weeks (though you are welcome to take it at any time you wish).

Investment: $150. Cost includes handouts.  *Birth Doula Clients receive $25 off the cost of The Toolkit For Labour Workshop​.

Due to the nature of my on call work as a Doula and Birth Photographer, I only offer a limited number of Prenatal Workshops per month! Booking early is key to guaranteeing you a spot.

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