Customize Your Own Placenta Encapsulation Package

All customizations are in addition to the Blossoming Birth Services- Placenta Encapsulation Package listed above.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Postpartum Wellness Kit - A meaningful selection of products designed to heal, comfort, and uplift. Feel prepared and pampered in your postpartum, while speeding up the healing process during the first weeks following child birth. Recover in a Healing Postpartum Herbal Bath, nourish and strengthen your body and mind with Mama Bliss Tea and ease postpartum bottom soreness and tenderness with Soothing Postpartum Spray. Give yourself the gift of a truly supported postpartum period. Add - $45 

Tree of Life Print - A Placenta print makes a beautiful keepsake and is a wonderful way to capture the unique shape and artistic design of the placenta for a lifetime. Before I prepare the placenta for encapsulation, I make a print of it on acid free, water colour paper. The result is a work of art that looks like a tree, which makes sense as the placenta is sometimes referred to as the “Tree of Life.”   Available as a natural print or a one-of-a-kind watercolour painting. Add - $20 / Natural Placenta Print or $35 / Watercolour "Tree of Life" Placenta Painting

Mother Tincture - A tincture made from your placenta is a great way to extend it's longevity. A small portion of your placenta is added to >100 proof alcohol to set in a dry, dark place for 6 weeks. Each day, the tincture is gently swirled to help it process. After six weeks, the tincture is filtered, placed in a glass bottle and delivered to your home. Some of the benefits include balanced hormonal fluctuations in your postpartum cycles, less bleeding during those cycles, lessening of PMS symptoms, decreased insomnia, eased anxiety, assistance with trauma, transition, or distress, increased energy and support for menopause years down the road. The tincture is very shelf-stable if kept in a cool dark place such as a cupboard, and will last indefinitely. Add - $35 / 4oz​​​

Healing Salve - A wonderful healing and restorative skin salve that can be used on cesarean scars, perineal injuries, stretch marks, hemorrhoids, sore nipples, diaper rash, cradle cap, eczema, and more to soothe, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.  Made from organic healing herbs of lavender, rosemary, comfrey and calendula, local, organic beeswax, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic unrefined shea butter and a small amount of your placenta powder.  I am happy to customize a salve to your unique preferences by substituting, removing or adding herbs and oils!    *Please advise me if there are any allergies known in your family.* Add - $25 /  2oz ​


Placenta encapsulation in Abbotsford, Mission, Langley, Chilliwack BC

Words of Love From Previous Clients

"Jen was so professional, informative and kind from the moment I contacted her right up until her last check up text  message I received. What I loved the most was the fact she didn't make me feel like "just another client." There is genuine care in how she goes about her business!  I was so impressed with how quickly I got my encapsulated placenta back and how much care and detail was in the gift bag Jen brought along with the encapsulated placenta pill bottle. It was so above and beyond what was expected!"~ Jade 

"After researching other professionals/companies and speaking with Jen during our phone conversation, I was so impressed with the time she took to get to know me and how informative she was that I knew I wanted to go forward with this service.  Jen was so supportive throughout this whole journey and process.  She really makes you feel special!" ~ Talia 

​"Having the option to encapsulate my placenta was an empowering experience. As a nurse, I feel it is so important to use complementary and holistic healing methods – and placenta encapsulating is just that. I feel my postpartum experience was improved greatly by encapsulating my placenta. I can’t imagine my postpartum time without it. My emotions stabilized faster, it warded off the baby blues, my energy levels were lifted, my milk came in beautifully, my iron levels were normal post birth and my body healed faster with minimal postpartum bleeding. The best part was that I made a healthy, natural choice for me and my baby which benefited us both and it was so worth it! I will do it for my next baby! I would highly recommend it to any mom to be!" ~ Rosie 

​"We were very fortunate that a friend recommended Jennifer to us! What a pleasure! From the first phone conversation to the 6 week postpartum follow up, she has been supportive, caring and genuine in inquiring on my well being and if I had any questions for her. My pills have helped me to recover from my cesarean and have given me that added energy needed to get through each day with little sleep." ~ Francesca

You're pregnant and expecting the arrival of your little one. This is such an incredibly wonderful period of time in your life...full of learning, growth, joy, anticipation and excitement. Perhaps you also feel a little worried and uncertain as you think ahead to the first few weeks as a new mother. Will you experience some postpartum anxiety/depression? Will you have a good milk supply and be able to breastfeed? Will you have enough energy to make it through the upcoming sleepless nights? However you are sure of one thing. You love your baby dearly and wish for the both of you to have the best postpartum experience possible.

​If you are hoping to ease into motherhood with confidence and energy, placenta encapsulation may be for you!  Your placenta is the perfect prescription to bring peace and balance to your postpartum period. Studies show that the placenta is nutrient rich and high in protein, iron, amino acids and B6. The placenta also contains your own natural hormones and is exquisitely made by you, for you. Reintroducing them to your system can aid the body in self recovery after birth, support milk production, increase maternal energy, ease postpartum hormonal fluctuations and make for a happier, more enjoyable postpartum experience.

​​Fill out the secure form below to book a complimentary phone consultation to discuss my placenta encapsulation  services, answer any questions you may have and learn how placenta encapsulation can help you ease into motherhood with confidence and energy, peace and balance.  

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Disclaimer: Benefits of placenta encapsulation are supported by ongoing research and testimonials however statements on this website have not been evaluated by Health Canada. Placenta encapsulation is not clinical, pharmaceutical nor intended to diagnose, treat, cure a condition or prevent any disease. Women utilizing this service take full responsibility for their own health and for researching and using their placenta capsules and tincture. Please make any decisions in regards to your best health in consultation with your licensed care provider. ​

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Placenta Encapsulation

​Your Placenta Encapsulation Experience With Blossoming Birth Services

Your placenta is picked up at your place of birth and brought back to my dedicated work space where it is consciously handled, rinsed and dehydrated to preserve all the vital nutrients. Once completely dehydrated, the placenta is ground into a fine powder, placed into vegetarian capsules and delivered back to you within 48-72 hours.

​Your health and safety is of utmost importance. I have taken my Food Safe training and I have completed an OSHA compliant certification course in Blood borne Pathogens and Infection Control specifically for Doulas and Placenta Encapsulators.  I only prepare one placenta at any given time and your placenta is carefully labelled and identified.  I thoroughly sanitize and clean my entire work area before, during and after placenta preparation and only wear single-use disposable gloves, ensuring you get the safest service available.  I use a professional dehydrator with temperature control settings. My equipment is dedicated for placenta preparation and is carefully sanitized before and after each use and between each processing. I follow Universal Precautions and OSHA guidelines. I treat your placenta with the utmost care and respect that it deserves and create a supplement that is safe and nourishes you!

Your ​Investment - $225. Includes pick up of your placenta at the hospital or your home and drop off of your  placenta capsules within 48-72 hours.​ Also includes a heart shaped umbilical cord keepsake when possible. 

Doula and Birth Photography Clients receive a $50 Discount for a investment total of $175

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Placenta Encapsulation in Abbotsford, Mission, Langley, Chilliwack BC
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placenta encapsulation for a peaceful postpartum

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