Topics included in the Birthing Again Refresher Workshop

  • Reflect on your first birth
  • Refresh your memory of the signs and stages of labor
  • Dust off old pain coping practices while learning new ones including comfort measures, positions, vocalization, breath awareness and visualization
  • ​Enhance the labor support skills of your partner
  • ​Develop excellent communication skills with your birth team
  • Build birthing confidence and relieve fear 
  • Design a supportive birth environment
  • ​Discuss birth options and learn how to create a birth plan
  • Explore creative ways to prepare siblings for the birth and arrival of the new baby in a loving and gentle way that includes them in your new and changing family. ​​

​Offering Doula support and a continuum of Birth and Postpartum Services to families throughout the beautiful Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland: Chilliwack, Yarrow, Mission, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Langley BC...and everywhere in between!

What Clients Are Saying...

"Jen exceeded all my expectations.  We hired Jen for Prenatal Classes and I am so thankful I was put in touch with her. The knowledge she shared with us is more than I could have imagined.  She gave me the tools and confidence I need to go through with the natural birth I want.  Knowledge is power!"   ~ Lisa W

"I'm so thankful we found Blossoming Birth Services!! We really enjoyed meeting Jen, she's very personable and so full of knowledge! She has great learning techniques whether it be visual demonstrations, partner building, or flash cards. There was always a fun way of teaching us something new.  I really loved how Jen included my husband as much as she did. She took the time to explain his important role in the birthing process and educate him on how he can help me in all stages of labour. Doing this course with Jen has prepared me so much for labour, I feel confident on what I learned and am looking forward to taking all this knowledge to the labour room!  I highly recommend this prenatal workshop!!"  ~Stephanie D

"​I recommended to my doctor that he starts telling his patients about Jen at Blossoming Birth Services. I felt and still feel so comfortable with the idea of birth that I can't wait to do it again and complete my family."  ~Samantha B

​​​"The prenatal workshop was very helpful, Jen taught us that the process of birth could (and should!) be, something to look forward to, embrace, and even enjoy! We wanted as natural a birth as possible, and by teaching me coping techniques and informing us of the many different choices & alternatives that would allow this to happen safely, Jen made me feel empowered by what my body could do, and therefore feel confident in taking control of the birth of our child."  ~Zoe & Paul

​"Jen demonstrates an ideal balance of professionalism and personal care.  Her calm and warm nature makes her manner endearing and genuine. It is obvious she is passionate about birthing, and wants to share with others her confidence that all women can have their baby's birth be an amazing experience and not one to just make it through!"​  ~Odette P

​​​"During our Prenatal Workshop, Jen taught me  how to prepare for birth (both physically and emotionally) and she helped us reason with our fears and concerns about labor and about becoming parents. Jen also taught my husband techniques to help support me during labor – which is what we were looking for as first time parents. We learned so much and Jen provided us with the right tips, tricks and tools to have a smooth, natural labor and delivery."    ~Rosie & Loren 

​"We knew we wanted to have a prenatal class so after looking into different ones, we were intrigued to find that we could have a private workshop done at our home. I came across Jen's website and noticed that she offered private prenatal workshops so we booked her for one. It was perfect! She came to our house equipped with all sorts of great information, props and activities. She listened to us and answered all of our MANY questions we had. We highly recommend Jen's workshops!"  
~ Andrea & Ryan

​"Jen's Prenatal Workshop was not only educational, it was fun and engaging. She answered all of our questions and addressed our fears in the comfortable setting of our own living room. The classes were tailored to our needs and schedule. I would highly recommend this over pre-scheduled classes elsewhere!"  ​~Vanessa & Geoff​

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Prenatal classes in Abbotsford, Mission, Langley, Chilliwack BC

​​​​​​​​Already a parent and expecting again? For many parents, the second and subsequent pregnancies are very different from their first experience. The Birthing Again Refresher Workshop offers you a unique way to connect with each other and this new pregnancy while comprehensively preparing you for the upcoming birth experience that awaits you. 

Birthing Again Refresher Workshop

This private, customizable, in home Prenatal Workshop is taught by a Doula and Prenatal Educator with over 17 years experience! It incorporates a unique balance of practical, evidence based information, creative, hands on activities, videos, thoughtful discussion and an exploration of your own innate wisdom and intuition. The Birthing Again Workshop is  specifically tailored to your unique needs and is offered in the comfort of your own home. This Workshop  is perfect for those wanting to obtain one on one information in a safe environment with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.  

Schedule: This 4 hour workshop takes place in the comfort in your own home and can be customized to your own individual needs at a date/time most convenient to you.  I recommend that you begin early in your third trimester to be completed 2-6 weeks before your due date (though you are welcome to take it at any time you wish).

​*  Birthing Again Workshop investment:   $150.00 which includes all of your materials *​
​*  Already a Birth Doula Client? Add on a Birthing Again Workshop for $125 (including all material) *