Newborn baby cradled by his mother
labouring outside in Mission BC

Placenta Encapsulation

If you are hoping to ease into motherhood with confidence and energy, placenta encapsulation may be for you! Your placenta is the perfect prescription to bring peace and balance to your postpartum period. 

Prenatal Education

Blossoming Birth Services believes in educated families and offers a variety of customizable, private, in-home Prenatal Education Workshops to comprehensively prepare you and your partner for the positive and empowering birth experience that awaits you.

​Are you interested in achieving a supported and positive birth & postpartum experience, where you feel confident, informed, and surrounded with care, love and respect? Blossoming Birth Services has a wide range of supportive birth and postpartum services to suit every need from pregnancy to postpartum.

Intimate home water birth in Yarrow BC

Breastfeeding Support & Education

Blossoming Birth Services offers a Breastfeeding With Confidence Workshop as well as home/hospital  Breastfeeding Support visits after your baby has arrived to gently guide the both of you towards a successful nursing experience.​

Postpartum Doula Support

Whether you are a brand new parent, a mom of many, recovering from a cesarean birth or a mama to twins, a Postpartum Doula can help you ease into the tender postnatal period, allowing you to become more confident and comfortable in your new role through reassurance, support and information. 

ease into motherhood with placenta encapsulation

Birth Doula Support

Assembling a birth team that is truly respectful and supportive of your birth wishes and goals is one of the most important steps in preparing and planning for your sweet baby’s arrival. Enhancing your birth team with Doula Support ensures you will get compassionate,  individualized and undivided, care and attention throughout your entire birth experience, helping you achieve your ideal birth! 

mother breastfeeding newborn at Langley Memorial Hospital

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Words of Love From Previous Clients

"Jen exceeded all my expectations.  The knowledge she shared with us is more than I could have imagined. She gave me the tools and confidence I need to go through with the birth experience I want." ~ Lisa 

"There are only a handful of times during a lifetime when you will meet someone and know that they have a special gift for what they do – Jen is one of them." ~ Lerina

"I so appreciate everything Jen did for us. She truly is an amazing woman and has such a beautiful soul.  She provided a calm in my wife that I haven't seen before and taught her how to believe in herself.  She is doing something very special and I can't thank her enough." ​~ Andrew 

​"Jen demonstrates an ideal balance of professionalism and personal care.  Her calm and warm nature makes her manner endearing and genuine. It is obvious she is passionate about birthing, and wants to share with others her confidence that all women can have their baby's birth be an amazing experience and not one to just make it through!"  ~ Odette 

​​"It’s seldom that you meet someone who is so well suited and as passionate about their career as Jen. She is amazing, truly a wealth of knowledge and support, anyone who has her as their doula will not be disappointed." ~ Kimberley